Job title: Head of Design
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Location: Cape Town
  • Education and Training
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Design
  • Creative Director
  • Head of Design
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
Salary: Negotiable
Job published: 24-01-2019
Job ID: 32046

Job Description

There once was a Creative Director, varied in their skills. They’ve honed their design expertise in everything from print, and digital to web design and made it their mission to master all.

The CD happened to love education and so ventured toward opportunities within this industry. They were hungry to learn and expand, even though it seemed they could expand no more. They knew that their next step would be to work for an education institution where they could not only create but also share their knowledge with others.

They became the Head of Design for an epic institution and was compensated handsomely with 40 to 50 thousand pennies of gold each month.  


As part of taking on the Head of Design challenge, they:

  • Created and maintained the brand identity of The Institution
  • Designed and created digital assets
  • Offered guidance to the entire team
  • ...Even had the opportunity to travel abroad

What type of person was this Creative Director, you might want to know?

  • They had about 5+ years’ experience in digital, print, web, UX and more
  • They were hungry to learn and often enjoyed working out of their comfort zone
  • They were a people’s person, as authenticity was their middle name
  • They even had a bit of coding and web design experience


As time went by, The Creative Director became a legend at The Institution, having surpassed all expectations.

And so the story goes of the Creative Director, who became the Head of Design and an epic innovator.


If this is what you’d like your narrative to be...apply now :)